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Digital Transformation Solutions

From ideation to execution to change management, we'll help you adopt new technologies and adapt to new processes.
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Build-in Security, Data Protections, Risk Mitigation & Compliance

We will ensure a defensive security posture, properly configure and maintain devices and network operations while managing increased demands on application, network and cloud to meet needs for data security, operational performance, and business resiliency.
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Experienced Workforce Project Management

Seamlessly manage your projects by process engineering and collaboration. People, wherever and whenever they work, leveraging technology and tools that enhance collaboration to meet time and schedule.
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Digital Transformation: Managing Digital Infrastructure Lifecycle Service.

The best digital transformation plan requires mastering IT lifecycle. We understand that IT lifecycle management is complex. Jighi’s streamlined approach will solve your toughest challenges: improve visibility and drive greater cost savings. We’ll help you maximize resources and bring effective governance to the digital infrastructure lifecycle. Inevitably, we can help you achieve your business goals. Your project will be delivered in scope, within budget and on time.

Digital Transformation projects: Our services (J-Central, J-Edge & J-Shield) are designed to handle all aspects of your digital transformation plan. We will improve efficiency in project management, improve logistic and help you control hardware and software procurement and deployment.
Cyber Security: The world of digital is throat with cyber threats which can tarnish your reputation or cause huge financial loss. With a pedigree in Cyber Security, Jighi is a recognized leader in business cyber threat protection services. Our solutions and approaches are labelled “built-in security” and can mitigate risk and improve compliance with regulatory mandates.
Lifecycle management: We will help you increase effectiveness of digital operation. Complete inventory of your IT assets augmented with logical connectivity will bring clarity to your day-to-day operation. This organization help reduce IT support complexity and increase effectiveness.
Agility & Expandability: Most Digital Solutions require a combination of in-house and cloud integration. Our Cloud Operation, Software development and Solution Engineering teams are the best at simplifying complex implementation for seamless operation.
Deployment Services: We pride ourselves in efficient and effective management of deployment of complex IT projects. Our management of IT deployment operations will meet requirements, reduce cost and increase predictability
Clarity in Business Operations: Our Managed Services s will reduce cost and increase predictability and profitability of your business operations. This enables you to focus on running your business while we transparently handle the technology that drives your operations.

Our Professional Services

We advise

Technology selection, advisory services

We assist

Engineering phase - Vendor Management, Team building & budget planning.

We implement

Project & program management of build.

We protect

Migration & Maintenance & Operational Monitoring.

We accompany

Infrastructure Modernization Project management & Intelligent Operations.

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