Company Overview

EMS has pioneered Micro-Modular Data Center technology. The products provide rapidly deployable and scalable options for stand-alone or stacked high-density computing environments in any location where there are power and network connectivity. The products’ “closed loop cooling” and “mobile suspension” features are protected by broad US and international patents. EMS products offer a superior value proposition compared to other data center solutions including ease of installation, and continuing return on investment through significant space and energy savings.


The Company’s products provide innovative solutions to challenges for “THE CLOUD AND DATA CENTER INDUSTRY”, including:

    • Conventional Data Centers seeking to reduce electricity consumption/waste and carbon emission footprint.
    • Governments, organizations and managed service providers facing capacity limitations.
    • Growing or consolidating companies needing to expand or retrofit.
    • Companies or governmental agencies seeking disaster recovery and business continuity solutions.
    • Military and government services agencies facing security or bandwidth constraints.
    • Entertainment industry, medical delivery systems, energy exploration, smart grids and telecommunications providers wanting to deploy equipment to remote and nonstandard locations around the world.

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