Jighi Managed Detection & Response (J-MDR): Security teams are always on the lookout to enhance their defensive capabilities against new and more potent cyber threats. However, Security Operation Centers (SOC) are failing to counter today’s most innovative and dangerous threats: targeted and unknown attacks. J-MDR is an evolution of the standard SOC. It is adaptive and comports a machine-learning algorithm that adapts to new threats. In fact, our clients believe that J-MDR is a tectonic paradigm shift to a more robust approach to SOC deployment.

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Jighi Active Monitoring Service (JAMS) is a managed security service that provides 24/7 external and sometimes internal oversight of your network & IT assets. It even scans social media and tor networks for clues and chatters that mention your name. JAMS is a collaboration between infrastructure team, IT application team and our highly skilled Pen testing team. There work combine to ensure your continuous & holistic protection.

Focus on your business, because with JAMS, you are in good hands:

In today’s interconnected world, cyber attacks have become increasingly sophisticated and complex. With the adoption of new technologies, enterprises are susceptible to an array of cyber-security threats which can severely impact the financial health as well as the reputation of an organization.

Infrastructure Security Planning, Risk and Compliance Services

Understand your technology threat landscape, identify your business risk and provide planning, assessment, remediation support and ongoing compliance reporting.

Identity and Access Management Services

Deploy solutions to secure the organization and protect confidential and personal data with focus on employee productivity, cost reduction and compliance.

Physical Security Services

Reduce loses from theft, monitor manufacturing units leveraging Video surveillance and provide easy access to the online video content.

Managed Detection & Response (J-MDR)

If your organization is looking to improve its computer incident response and cyber threat detection programs, Jighi Managed Detection & Response (J-MDR) is designed to be a cost-efficient way to achieve these goals.

Managed Security Services

Round the clock expert monitoring and response services for the most complex environments. Our services offer real-time risk monitoring designed to stop and reduce the impact of security breaches anytime and at any place.

  • Managed Detection & Response (J-MDR)
  • Managed firewall service
  • Managed IDS/IPS service
  • Unified threat management
  • Log management
  • Anti-Malware/Antivirus/anti-spam
  • Secure Email Management with Anti-Phishing
  • Secure Web gateway management
  • Managed security information and event management
  • Infrastructure and Endpoint Security Services