Common challenges and concerns of an ISP

Whether you are a large telecommunications company or a small rural internet service provider, at Jighi we design, wireless solutions that cater to your requirements and concerns. And with decades of experience in the wireless space, nobody understands your concerns more than us.
Key concerns:

  • How to address the ever rising demand for high capacity networks at lower prices?
  • How to ensure more subscribers per tower to keep CAPEX to the least possible?
  • How to extend my service footprint to new geographies quickly and cost-effectively?
  • How to ensure complete customer satisfaction with demands for virtually zero-downtime networks?
  • How to achieve the “biggest bang for my buck” and have the quickest payback time or time-to-revenue?

Why is Jighi the right choice for you?

  • Design and solutions typically provide more concurrent subscriber support per tower to ensure lower CAPEX, enabled with the Superior MAC layer Scheduling
  • Jighi engineers advanced interference mitigation features to ensure low downtimes and guarantee CIRs
  • Jighi uses long term partnership and local engineering talent in order to provide competitive pricing for SUs and BSUs to provide competitive commercial broadband access, faster time to market
  • Jighi guarantees performance with its program-extended service, advanced integration team with partner’s technical support with 7x24x365 availability & warranties for Investment protection

Common applications for wireless service providers:

  • Wireless Internet access for serving enterprise and residences
  • Wireless backhaul with high-capacity microwave bridges
  • High bandwidth connectivity for VoIP, Data and Video on Demand