The Data Center/Server Architecture is a major contributor to the overall design of the network infrastructure environment. Our architect will partner with your engineers/architects, IT personnel and key business personnel to lead an enterprise wide design and implementing a Data Center and Server strategy. This includes the research and evaluation of new technologies to meet the IT business requirements for reliability, availability, and serviceability.

Why Choose Us

  • Lead effort to evaluate Data Center options to establish a model that meets IT cost requirement and supports key business metrics.
  • Evaluate and select a standard hardware and storage hardware.
  • Design a backup/recovery strategy that integrates with the Data Center/ Server strategy, as well as the Enterprise Architecture, while considering the global network design.
  • Develop technology roadmaps..
  • Develop test plans, implementation plans, and project timelines for various projects.
  • Research and evaluate suppliers and tools to manage and support the server environment.
  • Manage technology vendors.
  • Stay abreast of technology trends and identify those that can drive performance and cost improvements for the company.
  • Solve complex problems with many variables.
  • Contributes to the development of standards, architectural governance, design patterns and IT practices.

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