• PECB Certified ISO/CEI 27001 Lead Implementer

PECB Certified ISO/CEI 27001 Lead Implementer

ISO / IEC 27001 specifies requirements for the establishment, implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of an IT security management system in the context of an organization. This framework serves as a guide to continually review the security of your information, which will help ensure trustworthiness and add value to your organization's services

DESCRIPTION   Master the implementation and management of an IT Security Management System (ISMS) in accordance with ISO / IEC 27001
DURATION  5 days / 40 hours
  • Managers or consultants involved in IT security management
  • Specialized advisers wishing to master the implementation of an IT Security Management System
  • Anyone responsible for maintaining compliance with WSIS requirements 
  • Members of an SMS team
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PRE-REQUISITES :    Good knowledge of ISO / IEC 27001 and in-depth knowledge of the principles of implementation.
  • Understand the correlation between ISO / IEC 27001 and ISO / IEC 27002, as well as other standards and regulatory frameworks
  • Master the concepts, approaches, methods and techniques needed to implement and effectively manage an ISMS 
  • Be able to interpret the requirements of ISO / IEC 27001 in a specific context of the organization
  • Ability to support an organization in the planning, implementation, management, monitoring, and maintenance of the WSIS 
  • Acquire the necessary expertise to advise an organization on the implementation of best practices related to the IT Security Management System
  • This training is based on both the theory and the best practices used for the implementation of WSIS
  • The lectures are illustrated with examples based on a case study 
  • Practical exercises are based on a case study that includes role plays and oral presentations
  • Practical tests are similar to the certification exam