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Jighi Meet

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What is Jighi Meet ?

More secure, more flexible, and exclusively your own video conferencing platform

Jighi Meet is a video conference platform built for security, privacy and flexibility. It can be re- labelled and customized for enterprise clients. With end-to-end encryption support, it can be easily self hosted and integrated with enterprise internal IT. Jighi Meet is: ‘yourname’ Meet or whatever other name you choose to baptize it.

Unlike other videoconferencing technologies, Jighi Meet Videobridge, the heart of Jight Meet, passes everyone’s video and audio to all participants, rather than mixing them first.

The result is lower latency, better quality and, if you are running your own service, a much more scalable and inexpensive solution.


Jighi Meet is compatible with WebRTC, the standard for Web communication.

Jighi Meet supports advanced video routing concepts such as simulcast, bandwidth estimations, scalable video coding and many others.

Custom development and management for clients: Custom hosting - Client own private videoconferencing platform.

Your own label secure videoconferencing platfom.