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Jighi Threat Monitor (J-TM)

Four Reasons to use Jighi Threat Monitor (J-TM).

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Sophisticated Alarm Engine

Threat Monitor offers an alarm system that lets you customize rules as neede. It offers significant depth,with the ability to create multi-conditional alarms that work in tandem to identify and summanize security events. This can help you gain transparency into multiple security events from a single location. Additionally, you can tweak the alarm engine rules to make sure you receive the right alerts while minimizing false positives.

Highly Indexed Log Search and Log Archive

With the growth of reporting requirements under regulations like the general Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), MSPs need to quickly determine the extent of damages if a data breach does occur and report to the authorities when necessary. Threat Monitor is designed to offer advanced, elastic searc accross multiple attributes to help you better understand the nature of incidents and threats. its a long-term log event archive also gives...

Network and Host Intrusion Detection System

Threat Monitor is built to automatically analyse the amount and type of threats across you managed networks and systems and alert you to unusual traffic patterns on your networks as well as malicious software. This data can, in turn you create and implement remediation plans.

Cloud-based, Multi-Tenant Architecture

With its cloud-based architecture, you can easily access Threat Monitor from almost anywhere. Built with service providers in mind, Threat Monitor uses a multi-tenant architecture designed to let you manage multiple customers and view alerts and reports across your customer base from a single web-based system.