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Our approach

Technology that enables the business

Technology that enables the business

The Jighi Approach.

Our vast experience in Silicon Valley and around the world has been culminated into successful standardized approach. The frameworks drive our programs, Jighi Central, Jighi Shield and Jighi Edge can be summarized as follow.

We use an iterative design process that turns concepts into meaningful business outcomes. Throughout the project, we’ll work with your stakeholders to ensure the final result meets your business goals.

1. Align

Collaboration is prioritized from the beginning. We’ll build a strategy based on user needs and opportunities. This step involves a business case envisioning session, environment assessment and architectural design session.

2. Envision and Plan

With the statement of work established, we find your organization’s best technological fit by defining strategic goals, discovering user requirements and conceptualizing the architecture. A competitive analysis is also done to capture industry trends.

3. Detailed design

Foundational elements and structure are formed with detailed documentation of the front-end user experience. The design will encompass user experience, visual design and technical exercises to identify the delivery team’s requirements.

4. Develop and Stabilize

Your custom technology is refined until it’s in a fully operational state. Before code is released as the beta version and consumer-ready product, we seek stakeholder approval to ensure organizational objectives are met.

5. Iterations & Adjustments

Throughout the process, our project team encourages stakeholder buy-in through frequent interactions. These inspections help us solve challenges early to ensure positive outcomes occur quickly and smoothly.

6. Manage & Maintain

A long-term partnership between your organization and Jighi begins after deployment. We follow a management roadmap that ensures sustainable innovation, supports digital transformation and provides first-line maintenance support.