JIGHI Wireless Solutions provides indoor and outdoor WLAN solutions to organizations throughout the world, saving money while enhancing productivity by enabling enterprise-wide mobility. And because Jighi has partnership with all the players, we are the only company able to offer all the components in a complete end-to-end wireless solution – including seamless integration and management of all components – your enterprise WLAN can be integrated with wireless backhaul products for the most flexible and scalable wireless systems available.

Enterprise mobility is no longer a luxury for the road warrior or the select few – it is increasingly a requirement for productivity at every stage of an organization. All employees benefit from being able to connect and do business from anywhere, and organizations are able to change more rapidly to better meet business demands.


Extends or replaces your wired LAN for instant network access anywhere
Significantly reduces the cost and complexity of moves, adds and changes
Converged voice, video and data with all the benefits of mobility
Distributed solution enables ultimate scalability, while maintaining centralized management


Enterprise-wide mobility for increased productivity
Building-to-building campus connectivity
Network redundancy links
Voice over WLANs
Enabling video over wireless
Campus connectivity solutions